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Ni Hard Castings
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NI Hard Casting is wear resistant material. We also cast floor plate, casting plate, side plate with excellent ni hard casting as per client specification. Ni hard castings are non-corrosive and abrasion resistant. We make use of ni-hard casting process for manufacturing different castings. The castings developed through this process are satiating the requirements of automobile and engineering industries
Floor plate
Floor plates manufacture using Ni hard castings are long lasting and corrosion resistant. These are chiefly used in the construction of roads to make then slip resistant. These plates are widely appreciated for their impact resistant surfaces for reinforcing the floor pan.
Casting plate
Our range of casting plates are used for applications where sand casting is appropriate, dramatic reductions in machining time can be made by casting non machined features to near net shapes.
Side plate
Side plates are also manufactured with ni hard castings. These are used for various industrial purposes. We manufacture various kinds of casting components to fulfill the varied requirements of our clientele.
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