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Company Profile
Established in the year 1998, Lemon Castings Inc. is a renowned organization, engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of casting components, iron casting components, metal alloy casting, cast iron casting components, iron alloy casting, cast iron castings and moulded metal alloys. We manufacture various kinds of casting components to fulfill the varied requirements of our clientele. We are grateful to our technical engineers who have made it possible for us to produce a wide range of Products at competitive prices.

We possess up to date furnaces with different capacity to cast various metals and alloys. We have all the in house facilities like short blasting and fateling available with us for various casting and moulding processes.

We always give minute attention to the drawings and samples provided by the client to give required shape as well as size to the castings. To meet the growing demands of the industry we process bulk orders without any manufacturing defects.
About Our Products
Our comprehensive array of Products like steel castings, chrome castings, iron casting components, metal alloy casting, cast iron casting components etc. is supplied to various industries, all over the globe. For our client’s requirements, we manufacture casted Products, iron alloy casting, which can widely be used in varied industries. We cast impellers, propellers and valve bodies as per client’s requirements. We can produce up to 50 tones of steel castings per month. With superior steel castings and cast iron casting components we have been able to produce numerous industrial Products such as automobile parts, industrial valves, mechanical parts, fitting, Live Stock Accessories etc.

Superior quality ductile iron is used in the production of flanges, manhole cover and wheels. We manufacture crusher concaves, earth moving parts, hammer, jaw crusher plates and liner plates with manganese steel casting. We use high chrome casting to produce cyclone, high chrome tips, high chrome liner plates, shell liner, side plate, etc.

Cast iron casting is used to manufacture high quality cast iron, impeller, valve casting and valve body. Copula furnace with capacity 3000kg is used for iron casting. Every month we produce more than 120 tones of cast iron castings. We also cast floor plate, side plate with excellent ni hard casting as per client specification. Ni hard castings are non-corrosive and abrasion resistant. First-class Carbon steel casting are manufactured using mild steel. About 10 tones per month non-ferrous castings are produced for example aluminum casting, brass casting, gunmetal bush, pG gears, etc. Furnace with capacity up to 200 kg is used for non-ferrous castings.
Team Of Experts
We have a pool of highly trained specialists and expert technocrats who serve our clients with their unmatchable skills. Our strong manpower has always succeeded in producing bulk casted Products, keeping adherence to quality and standards. We have provided our manpower with all kinds of safety instruments to be used during hazardous manufacturing processes. Our qualified team of our executives is in practice of resolving the grievances or complaints of our clients, if any.
Manufacturing Facilities
We have state-of-the-art facilities to keep the production process in uninterrupted flow. We have separate managing departments for all the stages of manufacturing, supply and export of the Products. High technology modern machinery is used at our premises. Capacious induction furnace and copula furnace are used in the manufacturing process. Various department in our unit are-
  - Designing & Pattern Shop
- Melting Shop
- Molding Shop
- Fettling Shop
- Heat treatment
Eco Friendly Policies
We are committed to manufacture varied castings and iron casting components in a healthy, safe & environmentally responsible manner. Abiding by the environmental policies as constituted by our organization, we are responsible for :
  - Complying with applicable statutory & other requirements.
- Strategized programs for prevention of pollution, improving health & safety performance.
- Resource conservation and waste reduction.
Customer Satisfaction
We are committed to our ethical business values to gain client satisfaction. We always welcome feedback from our clients to maintain our international quality standards. Our commitment to quality has helped us attain the confidence of our clients and sustain long term relations with them. We feel proud to maintain long lasting relations with our clients, who approach us, for their unique requirements. Our clients, who hail from different parts of the world, have strong faith in our outstanding services, customized Products and ethical business values. Through our constant endeavors to supply quality Products, our list of valuable clients are increasing day by day. It is because of the faith of our clients that today we are stand apart among the leaders in the casting industry.