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Step Irons
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Lemon Castings Inc. step irons consist of deformed steel bar encapsulated in polypropylene plastic.
JFH Distributors step irons are:
Corrosion Resistant – With the steel bar completely encapsulated in resilient polypropylene plastic, the steel is completely protected from corrosive elements. The polypropylene is resilient to acids and other chemicals that are present in sewers and drains
Strength – Capable of withstanding a load in excess of 1Kn and a pull out force of 0.6Kn, as specified in Australian Standard 1657-1992 (for full test results, please contact JFH Distributors sales office)
Safety – Our step irons are a bright orange colour, to allow good visibility in dark and soiled sewers and drains.
Quality – Our step irons are manufactured to comply with ISO-9001 certification
Product Description
Lemon Castings Inc. step irons are manufactured to comply with both Australian Standard 1657-1992 and British Standard 1247-2:1990.
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